20 Things you can carry before going to Workation

August 20, 2020 Kanchi

Tips For Workation Travellers

A workation demands a lot of things to be carried with you. While being on a workation, it is essential to make sure that you do not miss any integral things with you. Although workation is equipped with basic elements such as a workstation, accommodation, food, etc, yet there are certain things which a traveler should ensure to carry without fail. While being on the destination, there might be a possibility that it is not available locally.

Sometimes you tend to forget at least one essential that you should have taken on your work vacation. Well, don't worry. To make it easy for you, we have listed essential items that must go with you on your work vacation. Here's the checklist

  1. Laptops with Adaptors
  2. Hard Drives/USB Flash Drives
  3. Necessary Cables & Connectors
  4. Printer with Paper, Paper Clips, Sticky Notes
  5. An IT/Hardware Expert
  6. Projector, Screen & Accessories
  7. White Board with Pens/Markers/Highlighters
  8. Notepads, Sticky Notes, Pencils, Sharpeners & Erasers
  9. First Aid Kits & Personal Medicines
  10. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  11. Foldable Laptop Tables
  12. Power Bank
  13. Personal Sports & Workout Props
  14. Back Support Cushions
  15. Personal Coffee Mug & Water Bottle
  16. Sling Bag for Essentials
  17. Back Support Cushion & Sleep mask
  18. Extension Cable
  19. Sunscreen & Sanitizer
  20. Mosquito Cream

Everyone has their own needs and requirements. The list just names a few of the things that you can carry. Some of the things in the list such as first aid and medicine are a must, whereas, others such as projector, printer, etc. depend upon the requirement and nature of your work. You can customize and carry things according to your preferences.